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Happy Birthday, Masato!!

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The male thumbed over the nicely wrapped gift. The paper was a vivid red, one that he wasn’t use to but it did suit his bright, bubbly wife. A smile pulled at his lips, eyes warmed by the gift in his lap. “You really didn’t have to get me anything… I would have rather you spoiled yourself.” Though he appreciated her gifts none the less.

First pulling at the ribbon, the bows slid from the knot, afterwards slipping his digits into the slight gap between the paper where the tape didn’t cover. Sure, it was just wrapping paper, and honestly he was quite anxious to see what was inside, but he still wanted to be tender, wanted to take his time since the gorgeous woman that he was married to has put all her love into not only picking out his gifts but even just wrapping them. Masato wondered if perhaps, knowing she could be rather clumsy, had gotten a paper cut or somehow other wise hurt herself in the process and immediately his fingers paused and his eyes darted over to her fingers. There seemed to be no harm that he could see now, which he let out a quite sigh of relief, not wanting her to know for a second how worried he had been over something rather silly. 

When he had unwrapped the gift and finally gotten into the box, the tips of his fingers brushed over the fabric of the coat and just the warmth from knowing how much she cared about him was warmer than the coat could ever make him. But when the hat slid out, the blue-haired male had to bring his hand up to muffle a small laugh before reaching out to put the hat on his head. 

"Do you think I’d made a good detective?" A playful expression danced across his face, though afterwards, hoping he hadn’t teased her too badly, Masato leaned over to run his thumb against her cheek and pressed his lips gingerly to hers.

"Thank you. For everything. I absolutely love them both, and I’ll be sure to wear them from now on." 

Without another word, he had gotten up to go into the other room to grab a package himself and rest it in her lap. 


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Detective…she hadn’t even thought about that when picking the hat and coat out. Her cheeks flushed a bright pink as he reached out to gently touch her face but she kissed him back all the same, pouting a little when he pulled back. “You’d make quite a dashing and handsome detective, actually,” she replied back with a slight huff before she broke out into another smile and reaching out to adjust the hat on his head a bit. “That would be kind of fun to see, if you end up getting a role like that. But I’m glad you like them!” she giggled before looking over at her husband curiously as he left the room for a moment.

Her eyes widened when he returned with a gift of his own, wrapped in a cool light silver-blue with a darker ribbon, and another smile couldn’t help but make its way to her face as she too thought how the color suited him like no other. Much like he had with her present only moments before, she found herself delicately unwrapping the small box, unwilling to simply rip into the beautiful paper, and made a mental note to save the ribbon so she could re-purpose it later. But once she was finally able to unwrap the box and open it to reveal its contents, she couldn’t help but let out a small gasp and her entire expression brightened as she lifted the scarf and hat into the air. It was her favorite color. “M-Masato, I…” she looked over at him, a tiny lump forming in her throat as he all but stuttered his explanation and she could feel her heart swell to almost bursting in her chest. When did he have time to make it? She hadn’t noticed anything when he was at home, unless it was during the times she had been at work. But those days didn’t number many so had he made time while he was at work too? Just the thought threatened to make the heat rise to her cheeks all over again.

But before it could have a chance to do so, she wrapped the scarf around her neck and scooted closer so she could give him a tender kiss. When she finally pulled back after a moment, her smile was radiant. “I absolutely love it…and the fact that you made it yourself…makes it all the more special to me. Thank you, I couldn’t ask for anything better…except for you of course.” She giggled again at that, reaching out to tuck some of his hair behind his ear affectionately before letting her hand trail down to grasp his. “I know you’ve been really busy again lately but…I’m glad you’re here, Masato. I love you…so so much.”

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One finger rested on her pout-plumped lower lip as if testing the softness as he leaned in with a wicked little smile that faltered and became a whine as she pulled away. It wasn’t fair~ He’d only wanted to make her go a little red, maybe take a more filling kiss too that would sate his appetite.

“You’re awake now..?” He tipped his face to the side ever so slightly. Attempting successfully to emulate the expression of a kicked puppy. “Dani-Chan doesn’t hate me does she?” A dramatic, shocked gasp.

She couldn’t help but feel the guilt immediately flood her as he looked at her with an absolutely forlorn look on his face. “O-Of course I don’t hate you…” she mumbled, glancing away for a moment. “Why would you think that? You just surprised me, that’s all. And I’m kind of embarrassed that you were watching me for a while. I didn’t say anything weird, did I?”

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“You were asleep all evening~ You made such cute noises in your sleep that I couldn’t help but watch. Eeh— Teasing? I don’t tease Dani-chan at all~” Tucking his face against hers, nuzzling the top of her head softly.

She smelt so warm and nice that it made him want to push her down. He didn’t know what would happen after that but with age had come self control. He could hold himself back. The time wasn’t right yet. She needed to love him like he loved her.

"Th-That’s definitely teasing!" she flustered some more, squirming a bit against him as her face continued to burn a bright red. "You still should have woken me up!" Really, it was unfair the way he made her heart beat so fast in her chest. But she struggled to calm down and she pulled away to look at him properly and push her lips into a pout.

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As she jolted upright, the smile which had become gentle and almost intimate reverted to a sunny, playful grin. Masking his feelings and painting them more harmlessly. She wasn't ready for his love... There was much more to do first, people to deal with. Still~ "Hai hai! Rise and shine~" Lips boldly plucking at her cheek for a brief and chaste kiss. Playful and teasing, expecting a startled outburst and enjoying the anticipation. He hoped nobody had seen these responses before... Or else..


"A-Ah—!! Reiji wh—" a startled outburst was indeed what he received in return, her cheeks almost instantly flushing a darker red at the gesture as her hand instantly went to touch the skin lightly as she looked up at him. "Th-That’s not fair…!" she spluttered, her eyebrows furrowing a little as she pouted slightly. "Always teasing me like that…but how long was I asleep?"

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Soft fingers stroked hair gently as the man observed her sleeping face with a low noise of amusement. How beautiful, how cute. Even though she was young, a kid practically, he couldn't help but be drawn to her. His expression tightened a little as he considered Ran-chans students, both of whom seemed to swarm her with attention. No, he couldn't have that at all... Perhaps a broken finger or tripping down the stairs would teach them good. After all who would suspect poor Rei-chan?

With a small noise, she stirred at the touch, her eyes opening a little and blinking a little blearily as she tried to recognize her surroundings. It was when she caught sight of the man in front of her, however, that they widened and she all but sprang back up into a sitting position, a light blush staining her cheeks. “A-Ah, I fell asleep??” she asked somewhat frantically, embarrassed with herself. Then again, she HAD been staying up rather late these past few nights, even when she had to get up early…

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I know I wasn't able to speak with you very much today; you know how highly strung my father can make me. Though, it was nice to see everyone again. Ah, though I feel as if you might be slightly angry with me for going without you but I in all honesty just want everything to go smoothly and therefore wanted to avoid any added stress. While I'm gone, why don't you search around in some bridal stores? After all, it would be bad luck if I saw you in your dress beforehand. I love you. Sleep well.

No, it’s…fine, I understand. Though I would’ve liked to try and talk to him about this too, I guess he…kind of intimidates me too, I guess, ahaha. But still, I really want to see Mai again…and meet your mother. I hope she’s doing well; I know you told me that she gets sick really easily.

And mm, I’ll do that! Look forward to when you’ll finally be able to see it, okay? I love you too! So, so, so much. Goodnight~

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Aha, I suppose it’s just old age. Or an old mind. Maybe both? 


You wouldn’t want me to ruin the surprise, would you?

PFFFT old man my butt! I’m a little bit older than you, remember! But fiiiiiine, I guess I’ll just have to wait till you get back, huh~?

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