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Misc husbando Masato facts:

aka things you might not catch from game summaries/the main plotline through memorials and misc comments from other people about him

And then, though this IS part of the main storyline, in the game the reason why he met Haruka that snowy winter day was because he ran out of his house after finding a piece of paper in his father’s study with what was basically an entire list of what he was going to do with his life. What schools he was going to go to, what he was going to learn/specialize in, what other skills he was going to learn at what age, what he was going to accomplish and by when, who he was going to marry and when he was going to be married…through that, he also found out that the schools he got into and the reason why he was liked by his teachers was because his father pushed and donated money to the schools; it wasn’t through his own individual merit by any means. It was at that moment that he felt like he had nothing, he hadn’t done anything with his own life by his own hands, it was all because of his father. He felt like he was just a puppet and not even a proper human being. It’s questionable whether he was mildly suicical at this point (to me the wording is a little vague) but it was when he met Haruka and she told him that “it would be a waste if you don’t use your singing talents! Why don’t you become an idol?” that he felt like he finally owned something, something that only he could do and that his father had no control over. That’s why he pushed so hard to go to Saotome Academy, to pursue this dream even if he only had the year to do so. He wanted to see where he could go on his own talent and his own hard work instead of being tied to the name of Hijirikawa.


NATSUKI IS SO CUTE HE’S COMPLETELY COMPUTER ILLITERATE AND DNSAJLFASJKBLSA he’s like “I want to put in some soft* too!! Is vanilla okay?!”

*soft can be either for software (what Ai was talking about) or soft-serve ice cream (what Natsuki was thinking) AND DNASKJFBAKSG BABY


REN STARTED HATING CHOCOLATE BECAUSE HE RECEIVED A FUCKTON OF IT (because of a commercial he was in+he was about to graduate from elementary so it was the last chance for a lot of girls) WHEN HE WAS 12 AND THE BABU TRIED TO EAT ALL OF IT BUT GOT SICK


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Do you or your followers know where to find good guides/routes summaries for UtaPri games ;u;? I don't know Japanese but I really want to play them!

Chai has a really good guide here~!

And as for the actual choice guides…

Amazing Aria
Sweet Serenade
All Star

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by the way

apparently Ran owns a watch that, as Ai informs him, is a Silk Palace product

I don’t know I found this really really funny okay njasklgkasjblsadbjalgbkj

Aijima Cecil & Ittoki Otoya are brothers



So there was a misunderstanding of Shining Saotome having 2 sons. Actually Shiny only has 1 son, which is Ittoki Otoya. After reading Cecil’s Memorials in Uta no Prince-sama Repeat, I figured out that Shiny isn’t Cecil’s dad, BUT Cecil’s mother is also Otoya’s mother. Shiny and Otoya both know that the mom went missing from a plane crash in a desert. Well Cecil’s mother was found unconcious in the middle of the desert by Aguna people. Otoya’s mother had memory loss from the accident and didn’t remember anything, only the fact she is Japanese had a somewhat a work place with music. Agunaparesu’s King and Otoya’s mother fell in love and then Cecil was born. Cecil is a little step brother of Otoya’s. That kind of ties up the fact that they sort of look alike, but knowing now whats going on from reading their memorials it all makes sense!

Cecil’s and Otoya’s mom had the same name, so i knew there was somekind of connection. Wacky story they made huh? XD Either way both of them will never find out that they are brothers.

Poor Otoya, his mom is in agunaparesu but she doesnt remember him anymore ;A; but atleast she is still alive! :D Even though in Otoya’s route they tell us that she is dead, cuz thats what they assume from the plane crash accident. But, Otoya and Shiny believe she is still somewhere out there, well Shiny thinks of that more than Otoya, cuz he thinks or knows she is dead. They made both route’s story so confusing but now I think I understand XD

For sure Otoya and Cecil are brothers.

I was waiting for someone who could read the game memorials to finally clear this all up. XD

Though the only thing I have to add is that Kotomi isn’t actually in Anga Palace anymore, she is back in Japan. At least from what I understand. In one of Cecil’s later routes, he says he saw his mother at one of his concerts in Japan after becoming an Idol.

However when I think about Cecil being Otoya’s younger step-brother…

That would mean Cecil would have to be AT LEAST 9 MONTHS TO A YEAR younger than Otoya even during the time in Repeat….Depending how quickly Kotomi got pregnant.

That would make Cecil


….That’s kinda awkward when you think about how Cecil is one of the few in early games to “get laid”. Because in Repeat that would make him at least 14 or younger. That makes Cecil easily the youngest in the game, with the exception of Ai (who will forever remain 15)

I’m glad its confirmed though, I didn’t want to say anything for sure until someone was able to read the memorials. So thanks! 8D

I was reading the debut manga in bed right now and nfadjklsabgjalgk idk why I never caught this before but holy shit so apparently Ren and Masato’s families are the ones that directly caused the Kurosaki Conglomerate to collapse? 

When the Jinguuji and Hijirikawa families appeared in the spotlight, it caused a really vicious competition between the three companies and in the end it was the Kurosaki group that ended up self-destructing and falling to ruin. At first I was wondering how that matched up, considering the Jinguuji and Hijirikawa families have had their businesses for a while (Ren’s father, Masato’s grandfather) but then it made sense, considering that Masaomi was the one that usurped power from Masato’s uncle (the first son) and Souichirou became the head of the family after his father’s death and both men were the ones to bring their companies to new heights. It’s just sad that…all three boys ended up caught in the crossfire and suffered from it in different ways.

I really hope they cover at least a bit of this in the weblog books ahhhhhh.


In front of his father, Masato uses “watashi” and “anata,” while normally he uses “ore” and “omae.” Interesting. Says how much of an appearance he’s used to putting on for his father and his father’s intimidation factor.

Oh so I forgot to mention

So there’s a chance that Kaoru might know about Ai (the fact that he’s a robot)

since the professor mentions to Syo that he met and got to know Kaoru when he was going to Saotome Academy’s sister school for medicine during the time he was working on Ai. Though they talked about a lot of things (artificial arms/legs and the like), Kaoru had a particular interest in pacemakers.