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「慎之介さんに聞きたいことがあるんですけど」by 253

“There’s something I’d like to ask Shinnosuke-san..”

Scanlated by: Rin @ happychime.tumblr.com


Tokiya Ichinose
translation credit

Born August 6. Hometown is Fukuoka prefecture. A member of Shining Agency.
Works actively in music, dramas, and variety shows. Will star in and sing the song for spring’s KAMOME “Vegetable ONE” CM, as well as write the lyrics.


I tried to capture the theme of a work that I've been interested in. I am confident that you would be pleased with it. The stars in the background were meant to lend a story-like feel. The penguin is gazing at the brightly shining stars in the sky. If you connect them you would get the constellation Leo, my astrological sign. Playfulness is a key part in this design. Let your thoughts run with him in the stars.

Can Tokiya get a “you tried” star for that penguin dnsajkgbasdjksabgj


Ren Jinguuji 
translation credit 
Born February 14. Hometown is Kanagawa prefecture. A member of Shining Agency.

Has modeled prior to his debut, and now works in fashion magazines, runway shows, as well as appearing in fellow artist PVs. With his skill in foreign languages, his activity reaches across the globe.

The main image is a present to the ladies: an orange rose.
It’s a flower that I am also fond of. To add more, I garnished it with words of love. French, Italian, many languages are here. I think it would be fun to read them. There’s actually a reason why I chose those specific languages. Hint: a large amount of love is hiding. I give my affection to all the ladies around the world. I love you, lady.

In order to make it suit me a little more I chose to incorporate my sewing hobby. Currently, the design uses cross-stitching as well as a little bit of embroidery. The design is very fitting for a T-shirt. Originally if I could, I wanted to put all of my emotions into each and every single hand stitch. At the very least I thought of these feelings when sewing the base design and I wished for the happiness of the person who would wear it. I would be very happy if you were to pick one up.

Quick, rough, and probably a probably inaccurate-in-some-places translation before rushing to work but DSNAJKGASBFKJSABKJ MASATO/////////// I REALLY REALLY LIKE THE FACT THAT IT’S HAND SEWN BECAUSE IT’S SO SO LIKE HIM AND DNSAKJGSBDKJSA /FACE IN HANDS

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One of the parts from the Special Drama CD I enjoyed, thanks to Violinic for the translation~


Kise: Just how much confidence do you have?

Aomine: Shut up

Kise: Thank you for the food~

Aomine: Hey, Kise. Your Neapolitan looks like Earthworms!

Kise: [chokes] Why would you say something like that!? I hate Earthworms!

Aomine: Heh, I had nooo idea

Kise: You’re terrible


Fuwa Kento - Random Event 01
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Kento you precious being!!


Tokimeki Restaurant Translated Menu & Other Stuff

While TokiRes might be easy to get the hang of with little Japanese knowledge, here is the Photoshop-ed version of the translated menus for easier navigation!

I was actually hoping to post a translation of the beginning dialogue with the instructions to the game, but alas I had to go and accidentally delete the unsaved file. Might try again to translate later depending if I want to procrastinate on work. I also want to jump and translate some scenes between the guys (since they are short and easy to translate) but I don’t even know if I have time with finals coming up! This is a fun and addicting game and if you have an iPod touch or iPhone, I encourage you to play! _(:3 」∠)_

Amnesia Crowd: Staff blog entries


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Took a while but I finally got this scanlated! Scans provided by Mitsu, and she’s also done scanlations of both the main prologue and Spade World prologue! I really did enjoy doing this so I hope you enjoy reading it!

Please let me know if there’s any mistakes! And thank you for everyone who helped me with Orion’s last line! Sob sob ;;;; <3333