Delicious Temptation
Translation: KnB S2 Drama CD 3: Scorpio’s Fortune



Translated by Violinic
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The drama can be listened to here.

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Track: "3DS: How can we make Kuroko stand out more?"
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KnB Volume 26 Q&A


Q: When Alex said, “I’ll let you touch my chest,” what did Kagami do?
A: Alex sees Kagami as a little brother. Kagami sees Alex as a mother or older sister figure. Ask a friend who has an older sister how he would have reacted.

Q: Besides Kuroko and Kagami in 109Q, did Riko hit everyone who peeked into the ladies’ bath?
A: No matter if they peeked or not, Riko drowned them all.

Q: The ranking of the proficiency test in 37Q
A: Out of 308 students, the ranking was:
Kuroko 149
Furihata 106
Kawahara 88
Fukuda 148

Q: Why is Aomine-kun so dark?
A: When he was a kid, he played a lot in the mountains.


Characters Bible Plus - Profiles


The latest edition of V-Jump comes with a supplement to the KnB Character Bible, containing (among other things) brand new profiles of the Rakuzan starters, Haizaki, Nijimura and Ogiwara.

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