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Hi I have a present for my KamiAso readers and I call it “procrastination at its finest” :’)

I typed up and translated all the Greek myth quiz questions (there are 100 of them, phew) and put them all in a file. They’re only valid for Apollon’s and Hades’s routes of course, but you can mess around in their routes and maybe get yourself some of the S rank prizes :) You can use your prizes in the “miniature garden” section of the “extra” menu at the game’s startup.

Oh! I also included translations of what Apollon and Hades say when you get different scores hehehe

Okay I’ll stop rambling here - [download]

btw: I introduced a rudimentary keyword list so you can find questions easier in the document if you don’t read Japanese very well/at all. It might be a slow process looking for each questions manually, but there isn’t really a better way to do it :’| Please let me know how it works out for you or if you have any suggestions!


2/2 Boyfriend -Angel and Demon- Special Drama CD


~Translations aren’t mine. Links lead to the original translation~

Tatsun Diary Translation - Saturday 30th August 2014


KyoAni Collab.


I’d heard about the Free! and Kyoukai no Kanata Premium Shop. I thought “Since I appear in both I should go visit”. So, being driven by a sense of duty I went and had a look around when I had a break from work.

As I entered at ease I thought, “Well, honestly I don’t think anyone’s gonna find me out.” to which I was actually recognised immediately. However, in that one moment I saw the happy look on the staff member’s face I gladly thought, “With the work I do, I guess this is another way of showing how well it’s loved”.

It isn’t just my voice in these shows but it makes me happy to play such loved characters. Someone up there must like me. (Lit. Someone behind the scenes is giving me more blessings that I deserve)

From now on, I’ll always think I’m quite fortunate when I look at Makoto or Hiroomi.

No matter where I am or what I’m doing I’ll know I’m blessed when I see photos. (Not sure)

If I could have, it would have been nice to have bought some merchandise.



Title: Surprise For You!
Artist: naka

Translation/QC: Tori
Scanned/Edited/Typeset: Spicy Diamond

EDIT: Damn it tumblr! Why did you put the pages out of order?!!

Fixed version. Sorry guys. Reblog this one. ^.^;;

I want to believe Baldr tried really hard to think of a cake idea.

This was as fun as anything to translate! I hope you guys like it as much as Spicy and I do!


Translation - Mamo blog 29th August 2014

Title: Wandering LA streets

Today also, let’s go!

Los Angeles streets wandering story(*^_^*)(XD)

The first to introduce is,

"Third Street Promenade"

It is a promenade located at the center of Santa Monica,

Here, there are stylish restaurants, and cinemas, popular shops,

And more, there is also the newest shopping mall♪

It is also a mecca of street performers, is a very very fun place!!

There was a lady who has a veery beautiful singing voice♪

On this “Third Street Promenade”, the looking-cool photos firstly posted on the blog, were taken there(XD)

Having Kihara san, holding the camera,

Let’s take ‘feel like LA’ photos! I said(XD)

Like this(XD)

Like this(XD)

What do you think? Feel like LA?and so on(XD)

It’s good, feel like LA! Saying such comment(XD)

Then, the next,

A shopping mall surrounded by high-class residential area like Beverly Hills etc.,

"Westfield Century City" we have moved to,

All of us had lunch together☆

"The Counter"

A hamburger shop, we went to(^_^)v

It was very very volumey!


Mamo chan surprised?(゚Д゚)(XD)


Stirringly bit into it!!(XD)

It was veeeeery delicious,

Perfectly finished eating it☆\(^o^)/☆

Now now,

Today stops at here♪


Los Angeles streets wandering story,

Will still continue…(XD)

石川界人さんに50の質問「声優の輪」【男性編・第4回】 | ダ・ヴィンチニュース


Ishikawa Kaito’s 50 Q&A translation:

01. Please tell us what made you want to become a seiyuu.
In high school I was in the theater club and at first I wanted to become an actor. At this time, I liked both anime and movies, so I wanted to do a job which was involved in the two of them; then I chose the seiyuu path.

02.Your anime debut was in ?
« Ano Natsu de Matteru » as student B.

 03.Which characters you have played until now, left you a deep impression ?
Sakurazaka Kouhei, Ledo, Souda Manatsu, Matatagi Hayato, Yanagisawa Mitsuo, Saitou Mao, Tsuchimikado Harutora, Kihara Tsumugu, Logix Fiscario, Fuikui Kensuke, You Shunshin, Ignacio Axis, Charlemagne, Kajiya Aoi, Kageyama Tobio.

 04.Among all the characters you performed, which one have a part which ressemble you ?
When I think about it, my entourage says I resemble to Tobio.

 05.Among all the roles you played, please tell us a scene that give you the strongest impression.
What give me a strong impression is when the character doesn’t express his feelings but try to convey his thoughts anyway.

 06.Please tell us about a “failure” or “impressive” episode during a recording session.
When I surprised my entourage by hitting my chest to relieve my stress, I thought that I made a mistake.

 07.Do you have a rival among the seiyuu ?
My greatest rival is myself.

 08.If you weren’t seiyuu, what do you think you’d do ?
I have never thought about this but I think I’d do something related to drama/theater after all.

 09. What is the biggest difficulty, since you’ve become seiyuu?
It’s to take care of my physical condition, since I don’t originally have a strong constitution.

 10.What is the most enjoyable thing since you’ve become seiyuu?
The first time I received fan letters, I realized that my play reached these people and I was really happy. As from now, it hasn’t changed.

 11.Do you like singing ? Among all the songs you sang until now, is there one that left you a deep impression?
I like singing. But this is not my strong point.

 12. Among all the radio show you’ve done, do you have any letter which left you a strong impression?
The opinions about my performances leave me a strong impression.

 13.Is there something you pay attention to when you’re acting ?
I pay attention at the fact that the person “Ishikawa Kaito” is hidden; but this is quite difficult.

 14.Which kind of role do you play the best?
I don’t even know myself, but it’d be great if I find out about it.

 15.Tell us your goal and dream as seiyuu.
I wish I could play a key character which is the center of the story. I hope I could become an actor who has a persuasive power even when I breathe.

 16. For the people who are aiming to become seiyuu, could you give them an advice?
I still have to do efforts in order to become a proper seiyuu and actor so I’d like to keep thinking over a way to get better.

 17.Is there any anime that you like to watch, except the ones you have a role in ?
I watched “Card captor Sakura”. I have the Blu-Ray boxes. These past years, I try to watch it as much as possible when it’s aired.

 18. Since the previous question was about anime, is there any role you admire, in those you played ?
I admire role which have presence

 19. When you see anime as an audience, which kind of anime do you like?
I try to watch all kind of anime but I like anime that are focused on characters.

 20.What kind of child were you ?
A child who played in the water even in winter.

21.Television program you watch.
« Hiru obi! » « Houdou Station » « The! Tetsuwan! DASH!! » « Getsuyou Kara Youfukashi » « Matsuko & Ariyoshi no Ikari Shintou »

 22.Your most favorite book.
« Yotsubato! » « Azumanga Daioh » « To LOVE-ru »

 23.Your most favorite game.
I don’t really play game but « Monster Hunter » is the one I tend to play the most.

 24. Your most favorite movie.
« Pirate of Caribbean » « Les Misérables » « Captain America »

 25. Your most favorite singer.
Ken Hirai.

 26. Your favourite motto.
« Doing my best ever, putting all my spirit in it »

 27.Sports you have practiced so far.
Baseball, swimming, tennis, gymnastic, winter sports, and boxing.

 28.Song you sing the most when you go to karaoke.
« Chiisana Koi no Uta »

 29.Your favorite food.
Chocolate, natto, cooked vegetables, meat.

 30.Food you dislike.
Tomato, raw vegetables, fruits, tomato, pickled dishes, tomato.

 31.Stores you often visit.
I often go to the electronic retail store.

 32.Do you have any favorite sweets ?
Chocolate !!

 33.Do you drink alcohol ?  If so, which alcohol do you like ?
Yes, I do. I like Sake and Whisky. But I have a weak alcohol tolerance.

 34.What have you done on your last day off ?

 35.If you had one week of holiday, what would you do ?
I’d go on a trip. Saitama in spring, Okinawa in summer, Kyoto in autumn, and Nagano in winter.

 36.Are you into a hobby lately ?
I bought a camera, so I constantly spend my time taking pictures.

 37.Qualifications you have.
Driver’s license, MOS (Microsoft Office specialist) for Excel.

 38.What do you want to achieve in the next 10 years ?
I want to get better at singing.

 39.Your type of woman?
I’m attracted to short-haired and active person.

 40.Which part of the opposite sex do you pay attention to the most ?
Eyes and feet

 41.Among all the stuff you’ve bought recently, which one was the most expensive ?
I bought a shredder.

 42.What is the thing you want the most ?
Reading comprehension, quick-functioning brain and a strong throat.

 43.If you were on a deserted island, what would you bring ?
A strong spirit.

 44.If you had 1 million yen that you can freely spend, what would you do ?
I’d buy a bicycle and a camera lens, go on a trip. Go to a voice training program.

 45.What is your habit every day ?
I put in my right pocket the pen I got for my birthday.

 46. A message to your fans.
I’ll put all my spirit in the characters I’ll be acting, so please treat me well from now on.

 47. What is your best memory with Hanae who was interviewed the last time?
When Hanae got his first lead role, and when it was announced that we were going to appear together, we were really happy about it.

 48. (It’s a question from Hanae who was interviewed the last time.) What is the funniest word according to you Kaito?
Hanae Natsuki.

 49.Seiyuu you are close to.
Ohsaka Ryota, Hanae Natsuki, Hosoya Yoshimasa, Sugita Tomokazu, Matsuoka Yoshitsugu, Nobunaga Shimazaki, Kimura Ryohei, Uchida Yuuma, Okamoto Nobuhiko, Ono Kenshou, Eguchi Takuya, Hiroki Yasumoto, Katsuyuki Konishi, Murase Ayumu, Kenji Akabane, Ono Yuuki, Shimono Hiro, Yusa Koji, Takahashi Shinya, Yamamoto Itaru.

 50.Give a question to the next seiyuu who’s coming.(Ohsaka Ryota) What do you wear when you sleep? Do you wear clothes?

Thanks to yumena-koeota & emii-suterii for helping as always !

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Kakihara Tetsuya & Hirano Aya interview (TV Pia Anime Express)



From the TVぴあ issue released on 7/2/14.

For those who are unfamiliar with these two, Kakihara Tetsuya is Natsu’s voice actor and Hirano Aya is Lucy’s voice actor.

I couldn’t find a complete HQ scan of this, so the summarised parts you see below are based on the Chinese translation done by 蓝璱橙子汉化, and the translated parts are mostly based on the Japanese text I could see from photos of the magazine that were posted online. My apologies in advance if there are any mistakes.

Article ©TVぴあ · K.K.WILL MEDIA
Translated by thefairystales | DO NOT REMOVE SOURCE
Please credit by linking back when using. (usage rules)

— Thoughts on the anime returning after a year:

Both Kakihara and Hirano had no problems getting into their characters despite not having voiced them for a year. The recording studio is lively as usual, just like the Fairy Tail guild.

— On both of them being similar to the characters they voice:

Hirano says that she’ll cut her hair if Lucy cuts hers, so that she can feel connected to Lucy. She thinks that Kakihara’s becoming more and more like Natsu. Kakihara says that his eyes are becoming more and more like Natsu’s, and Hirano add’s that his personality and behaviour are becoming more similar to Natsu’s as well. Natsu’s usually happy-go-lucky, but there are times when he says something thought-provoking and there are also times when his mature side appears. Hirano also thinks that Kakihara’s supporting everyone just like Natsu does.

Kakihara says that Hirano has a rational and mature way of thinking, just like Lucy. The way Hirano comments on things is also like Lucy.

Hirano explains that she was asked by the sound director to vary the way she comments on things before she started voicing Lucy, and she learnt multiple ways of making remarks by watching shows. However, she mentions that she hasn’t been making many comments lately. Kakihara says that it’s because 7 years have passed in the manga, and both Natsu and Lucy have gradually matured.

Which leads to this part of the interview that I managed to find a picture of:

— Have Natsu and Lucy become closer than friends?

Hirano: I think that Natsu being in a position between friends and lovers is just nice, and I hope that it stays that way forever!

Kakihara: No, guys like Natsu are those that you think of as friends, but end up liking before you even know it.

Hirano: Even though I think Natsu’s not bad, it’d be nice if it were attractive Celestial Sprits.

Kakihara: There’s only Loke I guess?

Hirano: Everyone’s voice is attractive!

Kakihara: That’s right! (laugh) I thought the opening (OP) depicted Natsu and Lucy really nicely, and I was able to see how they’ve both grown. I really like Lucy! Isn’t she cute? If she finds a guy that’s no good, then bring him to me.

Hirano: Didn’t you say that Erza was your type at first?

Kakihara: Ohhh! Erza’s great. Strong girls are more girly than the others! I grin when I see strong girls. They’re doing their best (laugh). What do you think about Gray, Aya-chan?

Hirano: My chest tightens a little at moments when I think Natsu’s coming to help but Gray suddenly appears instead.

Kakihara: Eh-! But I’m mostly the one that’s saving you!

Hirano: There are times when Natsu isn’t there. If Natsu doesn’t come, I think “Natsu, what are you doing!”

Kakihara: The times when you’re waiting for Natsu shows that you like Natsu, right?

Hirano: … Is that so (laugh).

— On the scene from the Grand Magic Games that left an impression in them, and future developments:

Kakihara: The scenes of Sting and Gray all battered up left an impression in him. He thinks that Frosch is very cute, but Happy is the best. Happy’s his partner, so Happy’s cute in a different way. He also looks forward to learning from Sakurai Takahiro (Sting’s voice actor) and Suzumura Kenichi (Rouge’s voice actor).

Hirano: Future Lucy’s appearance left an impression in her. Future Lucy plays an important role in the plot, and the relationship between the different guilds will become something important as well.

— On the item that they need to have with them, or they will feel uneasy:

Hirano: Her cell phone charger. She can handle forgetting to bring her cell phone, but she’s always concerned with its battery usage once she has it with her.

Kakihara: His scripts. He feels uneasy if he doesn’t bring them along while traveling, but he forgot them on the day this interview was done.

しょーたん, きしょうさん, お誕生日おめでとう!







@kishownstarmaps Yep, thank you! Thanks. I’ll make it a good year.

@kishownstarmaps I didn’t want to say this, but the first person to send a birthday greeting was Ono Yuuki (-“-;) Amazing, isn’t he.

@shouta0811aoi Yay! (srsly Shoutan that’s your first tweet for your 27th year??)

@shouta0811aoi @kishownstarmaps Happy birthday!

@kishownstarmaps Thank you! To my fellow Hare, Leo, and Blood Type B, let’s live this year beautifully♪ RT @shouta0811aoi Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Kiiyan and Shoutan! I feel really stupid not knowing Shoutan’s birthday since it’s on his freaking Twitter username -_- I only found out when OnoKen greeted him. Anyway I hope it’s a good year for both of you. I hope you guys get another Quiz no Prince-sama segment (because that was one of my favorites!). Keep smiling your precious sparkling smiles!

(btw on the birthday mail tweet, Ono Yuki replied and said “waaaah I’m so sorry! Anyway happy birthday again!”. What a fan boy hahaha)

Title: Ittoki switch ☆
Artist: Miyano Mamoru, Terashima Takuma
Played: 3993 times


Mamo and Terashii receive a message from a fan asking about whether Terashii has an ‘Ittoki switch’ for when he’s voicing Otoya and if he does, how to activate it.

Excerpt from Miyano Mamoru’s RADIO Animelo Mix ~STARRING!~ #31

(Read more because it got too long ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ)

Mamo: Hmmm… Wow, we received a lot of mail addressed to Terashima-san!
Terashii: Really?
Mamo: Wow, that’s amazing!
Terashii: Thank you very much.
Mamo: Okay, so this one’s from Utan-san. “Since the voice of Otoya, Terashima-san, is coming as a guest, I’m really really excited—”
Terashii: I’m here! (1)
Mamo: (laughing) I don’t think that’s the right person.
Terashii: Wrong person, huh?

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I love you Konoha-kun (translation pt. 6)



Artist: たみーさん (Tammy)
This manga is fanmade and has no relation to official material.
Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

※Permission given by the artist to translate and post this comic.

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