Delicious Temptation


Fandom: Starry Sky, Dark Matters AU

Genre: General 

Rating: T-M

Characters; Pairings: Kinose Azusa, Tohzuki Suzuya, Tomoe Yoh, Yahisa Tsukiko, mentions of Nanami Kanata; no pairings

Summary: He isn’t sure what happens, but he isn’t sure he wants to know either. So Sagittarius seals his lips, doesn’t ask, and doesn’t speak of it again. 

Warnings:  Vulgar language, violence, killing, gore

Notes: For the dA Starry Sky fanclub’s ~In Mafia contest.

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I swear to freaking GOD I haven’t had this much of a good time reading fanfiction in who knows HOW long.

Nnnnnnnnnnngh Suzuya YES perfect perfect PERFECT. This whole thing is just ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh <33333333333333333

Me Gusta Yandere……



The Gutsta you mucho…..

I regret nothing…..


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I think…I’m going to be forever alone….


WITH MY 2D HUSBANDOS!! ಠ___ಠ  I’m serious though.

Yup, and quite frankly I don’t care what anyone says.  



“You won’t be happy if you don’t find a BF/GF!!! You NEED a BF/GF!!!!”


Umm excuse me, I don’t need a significant other to feel happy.  I’m pretty happy by myself right now.  Yeah, that’s right, I AM HAPPY BY MYSELF!! I don’t need someone here every second to make me feel happy.  I don’t need to be clinging on to someone for dear life to be happy!

I have enough love from my friends on and offline!  As long as there is someone out there who doesn’t mind being with this derp is all good to me.  I mean I think friends are much better than having a BF/GF in my opinion.  

I mean, it would be nice to have one just not necessary.  Just because everyone is hooking up doesn’t mean that I have to.  I can just be that one person who lives alone and adopts a kid.  You know, save the world from overpopulation.  Maybe even have a nice adopted mutt cause mutt’s are cute and live longer than pure breeds~

“Having a BF/GF is a lot better than you think!!  You should give it a try!!”


….Sure I’ll give it a try once I find someone I am attracted to.  ಠ___ಠ  Cause so far, I am attracted to NO ONE!  NO ONE YOU HEAR!!

Why have a real boy when my 2D husbandos are here with me?

And again this is just my opinion.  There’s no need to get all butt hurt about one persons opinion.  I’m not trying to say being in a relationship is horrible or anything.  In fact, I think it’s cute when people are in a relationship.  Just don’t pressure me into one or try to make me believe that I’ll only be happy with someone else.

Yup, I’ll just be here with my 2D husbandos until nature takes it’s course~ 


I mean who can resist this!!!

….Sure I’ll give it a try once I find someone I am attracted to.  ಠ___ಠ  Cause so far, I am attracted to NO ONE!

Thiiiiiiiiisthisthisthis. I crushed on a guy who flipflopped from being nice to being an asshole for 5 years and another who went abroad to Germany with his GF (or so I heard). I’m not going to be crushing on anyone else for a while, I think. And if I do, great. If I don’t, oh well, it’ll happen eventually.

BUT LEN OMG THIS POST IS AMAZING. The last line sums everything up PERFECTLY.

I don’t care how UtaPRi’s anime ends


In my mind Haruka runs off to marry Tokiya and make lovely music together.

Natsuki and Shou get married and Natsuki becomes the perfect housewife who can’t cook and Shou’s stomach is forced to either forever be sick or become so powerful he can eat anything.

Masato and Ren forever are rivals with neverending sexual tension between them that will eventually break like the dam of Masato’s heart.

Ittoki and Tomochika become a comedy duo that later fall in love and get married.


google will never top this. nothing will ever top this.

installing photoshop.


step one:

download it:

step two:

open the downloaded zip file:

step three:

inside that, there should be a .exe file, open that:

something like this may pop up, click run or allow:

step four:

click accept on the installer

the next step involves some changes. When it asks you where to install the program, you need to change it to somewhere you can easily access. Desktop is a great choice.

so for example:

step five:
click install, wait a few minutes as it extracts all the files.

When it finishes, it will disappear and you need to now go to the folder you chose during the install.

inside that, open up Photoshop CS5.exe and that’s it.

drop me a message if this has been helpful (:


If you get this error:

what you need to do is this:

Right Click “PortablePhotoshopCS5.exe”
on the drop down list, hit “Run As Administrator”

that should do it.

again, any questions, don’t hesitate to hit up, unanon preferably so I can answer privately