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anybody in the savannah area need a ride to AWA in a few weeks? any of you need a hotel room? feel free to hit me up on either of the above points! just pay a portion of the gas money and $50 (or less depending on how many people are interested) per person for the hotel!!!

we’ve got a large room…

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for more information feel free to contact us!

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If you use YouTube, you need to know this.

You’ve heard all these rumblings about Net Neutrality over the past several months. Let’s get real: this is about controlling online video. It is estimated that by 2017, video content will account for 80-90% of all global Internet traffic.

This isn’t just about not being able to binge-watch a series on Netflix. It’s about the future of online video as we know it.

Whether your YouTube channel is home to daily vlogs, short films, or just that one video from when the cinnamon challenge seemed like a good idea, you’re a video creator. Your content and comments help shape this community. Let’s keep it that way.

Net Neutrality means that your YouTube videos reach people at the same speed as clips from last night’s episode of the Tonight Show. It means a level playing field for video creators looking to reach an audience. But new Net Neutrality rules could mess that up.

Here’s the deal: Telecommunications companies already charge us to access the Internet through our homes and our phones. New FCC rules could allow them to also charge content providers (like YouTube, Netflix, and even PBS) for access to our eyeballs. It could create a fast lane for Jimmy Fallon’s clips, and slow lane for your YouTube videos.

It is really important that the FCC understands that online video creators care about Net Neutrality. Even if you’ve only ever uploaded ONE VIDEO, you are a creator and you have a voice.

If you can, please add your channel to our petition. We’ll deliver this to the FCC in September and demonstrate that the online video community cares about this issue.

Sign the petition, then spread the word.

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Hi hello~ I’m interested in hosting a split for these adorable straps * v * It’ll be my first split ever, so please bear with me!

The price for each strap goes

485jpy + shipping from AmiAmi to me split evenly (via unreg SAL) + shipping from me to you

Will ship to anywhere USPS will allow me to~ ^^ I live in California, for reference

Here’s the availability:

1/3 boxes ordered

Tentative, Confirmed

  • Otoya Ittoki: ruimara || robingurl ||
  • Masato Hijirikawa: berselium || robingurl ||
  • Tokiya Ichinose: bad-bad-oppa|| robingurl ||
  • Ren Jinguuji: robingurl ||
  • Reiji Kotobuki: crimsonbountyhunter || robingurl ||
  • Ranmaru Kurosaki: ruimara || robingurl ||
  • Haruka Nanami: crimsonbountyhunter ||
  • Random Extra (TBA when package arrives):

Deadline to confirm will be September 10th

There is a catch to this split: the order will be coming in when I’m away from home for school. I will honestly do my best to take care of shipping these out asap when I come back home for a visit, but please do expect some delay ; 3 ;

They will be shipped to you via unregistered mail unless you request otherwise. I am not responsible for anything damaged or lost in the mail; I will do my best to safely package everything.

Payment will be made in two rounds via PayPal: The first round of payment will be the strap price + shipping from AmiAmi to me, paid in JPY, and the second round will be shipping from me to you, paid in USD.

If you have any questions, feel free to note me!

Thanks for looking~! u w u

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Uta no Prince Sama - Sweet Serenade


Price: $35.00


Arcana Famiglia English Translation V.1.0 Release!!!!!



After a lot of patient (or not) waiting, I present the first release of the Arcana Famiglia PSP Game English Translation!

More info + Link below….

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Anyone interested in possible box split?



I was originally going to post about both sets but, the first set is already sold out on amiami (That’s what I get for not doing this last night I guess.) so I’m going to end up resorting to ebay for any from there, but yeah. 

It’d be $7 US + shipping for anyone interested. Assuming it’s still available when I get up. The only ones off limits would be Syo and Cecil.

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Uta no Prince Sama - Natsuki oyasumi Bed SHeet


Price: $120.00
+ FREE SHIPPING (regardless of the July Special)

Dimensions: W = 58.5 in (1500 mm), L = 93.6 in (2400 mm)



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I know you’re all probably getting annoyed with all these commission posts. But I really, really need the help right now. I don’t have enough to make rent this month, and don’t start work at Dominos (which isn’t paying me enough anyway) until next weekend. My brother is threatening to move out and leave me in the wind if I can’t pay rent (which is apparently my only value to him) and I’ve got no where to go and no options right now. Even if you only have a couple dollars to spare, I can draw something for you, and would be really grateful for the help. 

I draw a lot of everything (just no OCs—I’m really not comfortable with it), everything from yaoi, yuri, het, loli, shota, just about anything. I’ll even draw your pokemon MCs.

So if you can help out at all, it would be really, really appreciated.

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I am now currently doing commissions to try and save up money to go to Atlanta with Danielle for a con And to see Suwabe in person omg but I need serious money to get money for plane tickets, hotel and con admission. So I’m bumping up my prices a bit for commissions to try and make the money I need.

Each full-color, screen-cap style pic is $20 ($25 for porn) and I’m open to pretty much any fandom. (But no ocs plz. I’m not really comfortable drawing them) Yaoi, Yuri, whathaveyou are totally acceptable.  If it’s a fandom I’m unfamiliar with, It might take a little longer so I can practice the style. 

UPDATE: I have currently lost my job. I’ll be working parttime in the meantime (since I can reapply to my job in 60 days) but I’m going to be even more in need of commissions (and have more time to do them)