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30 Day Otome Challenge


This is the basic 30 Day Otome Challenge I made. Couldn’t find one that was easily answerable with edits so I decided to make my own. Feel free to use and reblog. You don’t have to credit me.

Day 1: First otome game.
Day 2: First love.
Day 3: Favourite male character.
Day 4: Favourite female character.
Day 5: Favourite bromance.
Day 6: Favourite girlfriends.
Day 7: Favourite OTP.
Day 8: Route that made you happiest.
Day 9: Route that crushed your soul.
Day 10: Favourite quote.
Day 11: Favourite scene.
Day 12: Favourite ending.
Day 13: Happiest Ending.
Day 14: Saddest Ending.
Day 15: Ending where you were 500% done with everything.
Day 16: Favourite trope(s).
Day 16. Favourite character archetype(s).
Day 17: Funniest scene.
Day 19: MC that you are most like.
Day 20: Male Character you are most like.
Day 21: Top three favourite games (#1 Game)
Day 22: Top three favourite games (#2 Game)
Day 23: Top three favourite games (#3 Game)
Day 23: A Character that you’d be at odds with in real life.
Day 24: A Character you thought you wouldn’t like but do now.
Day 25: A Character you would like to punch (because you love them but god knows they deserve it).
Day 26: A Character you would like to give a hug (because god knows they need one).
Day 27: A Character you would want as a best friend.
Day 28: Favourite villain.
Day 29: Favourite otome company.
Day 30: Favourite seiyuu.

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The issue with the whole otome heroine hate thing is that there is literally no pleasing people. They bash heroines like Utapuri’s Haruka and the AMNESIA heroine for being dumb, Hakuouki’s Chizuru and Diabolik Lovers’ Yui for not being able to fight, and Starry Sky’s Tsukiko for being too plain and meek…

But then when they get a heroine like Garnet Cradle’s Miku she’s too pretty therefore she isn’t allowed to have problems, Jyuzaengi’s Kan’u is the strongest warrior but is apparently a Mary Sue because of it, and other heroines who are more aggressive are dubbed “bitches”.

Heroines are bashed for being too feminine, but when they focus on duty or their combat skills then they’re not feminine enough. When they have flaws and tragic backstories then they’re too emo and need to get over themselves, but if they’re strong-willed and kind then they’re too perfect.

I’d like everyone who’s ever bashed a heroine (not “I have a problem with this character” but “I wish I could strangle this character”) to try writing their own. :/ To try spending a day in that heroine’s shoes and see how hard it actually is to be Chizuru or Yui or even Tsukiko.

The problem at the core is a fundamental lack of empathy, an inability to consider anyone else’s problems but your own. You can remove this harsh judgment from the male characters because you’re not male yourself, but the heroine needs to be a “perfect” character to “deserve” the guys and to “represent you”. Only problem is nobody’s perfect. D: Not Haruka, not Kan’u, and definitely not any of us real people.

"Don’t make others suffer for your own personal hatred."

On Gakuen K and gratuitous hatred towards female main characters in otome games.


You know me, right? Yeah, you do. I’ve read some comments here and there against the heroine, but this one is where i just have to say something. I can’t stand it.

"I can’t be the only one who already wants to strangle that heroine to death, right?" 

But why? The game is not even finished yet, is not out yet, we only have one description of her character in very few lines that don’t say nearly enough to make such a judgment.. The girl is just a stray that couldn’t control her powers, disliked by people for that reason, who then gets invited to the school. That’s all we know. That’s all. We can assume, based on tropes and stuff, how she might be like, but wanting to already strangle the heroine to death

When is people going to fucking stop with gratuitous hatred towards female main characters in otome games, WHEN. Is really just that, gratuitious hatred. You hate, FOR NO FUCKING REASON. You may not like where it’s going, based on stereotypes and previous otome games, but no, apparently that’s not enough.

Is not funny, is not right. You want to “strangle to death” a fictional character from a game that is not out yet for ABSOLUTELY NO FUCKING REASON other than, perhaps, being a natural asshole with possible misogyny issues. You might want to get that checked out.

Saya looks cute as a button, and has done NOTHING to inspire such thoughts and prejudice. Do you hate Seri too because she has big boobs and wears a short skirt? Do you hate Anna because she wears loli attire? Do you hate Misaki because he’s the classical lovable tsundere?  

All we can say about Saya is whether we like her design or not, whether we have any interest in her situation or not. 

But hating her just because, just because she’s the heroine in an otoge, that’s just..idk, congratulations on being part of the problem. You are ready to figuratively rip the girl’s throat basically just because she’s…a girl. IN AN OTOME GAME.

I don’t fucking give a damn how narrow-minded and awful some of you can be to automatically assume this girl’s despicable already, i’m gonna stand by this character until the character herself proves me wrong.


Idea Factory has dozens and dozens of Otome games. Aksys brought some of them over, but there are tons more that could come out. I think this genre is just finding its space and has room to grow. Have you thought about any of those series like Amnesia?

I have the same view regarding the Otome game market in North America and Europe. We have heard many fans express how much they would like to have Amnesia localized, as well. But again, we have no definitive plans for it at this moment. That said, we hope to be able to share some great gaming news in the near future!

How did Idea Factory International start? Can you tell us why you wanted to form this company and what are your goals?

Haru Akenaga, CEO: We knew there are many Idea Factory fans outside of Japan. And we were well aware that these fans are not just interested in games released in North America and Europe, but also in titles that only get released in Japan. So we wanted to create a place where we could provide any and all news relating to the Idea Factory brand, both in Japan and from third party publishers in North America and Europe, to fans worldwide in a timely manner.

One of our goals is to provide a place for fans to obtain all news about Idea Factory titles in Japan and third party licensed titles in North America and Europe. But Idea Factory International has also announced its first self-published title for these regions, and we would like to keep bringing more Idea Factory titles to the Western market via third party companies and ourselves. Idea Factory International would, slowly but surely, like to try to bring titles that fans demand to North America and Europe.

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We have seven translators already interested and willing to help out so please, we need donations to reach the $120 goal to keep the wiki up for a year! We’re already $35 of the way there so any little bit helps! You can donate by going to my blog and clicking the donate button on my sidebar~!

Come on guys, even a dollar helps! I see that there’s over two hundred notes on the original post and if every note earned 50 cents even, then I’ll just pay the rest myself to get things started! We’re already a quarter of the way there, let’s keep going!

List of willing translators so far:


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