Delicious Temptation
Info about Mamo’s new single

Most of us already know about his new single that’s coming out in November (11/16/2011) but so far the title’s been unknown.

Well, he revealed it in his radio show “Mamo One Gran Prix” on Sunday and the title is “DREAM WHITER/WIDER.” (I think it’s “WHITER” but we all know his Engrish is a little… ;;;;;;; ahem.)

According to CDJapan and Mamo himself on the radio show

Seventh single release from Mamoru Miyano featuring the theme of TV special “Ultraman Retsuden” commemorating the 45th anniversary of “Ultraman” series. Also includes “innocence,” the theme of the PSP game “Uta no Prince-Sama Debut.

Mamo Mamo Sunday

 Derp I do think we should rename it to Mamo Mamo Monday PFFFFT.


(gif by the fantabulous neesama)

宮野真守のm-1(マモワン)ぐらんぷりっ! 第77回

Oh I forgot to mention

I ended up listening to Mamo’s My Kare (the first one) and half of his Dere Pet-kun before I fell asleep. I’m listening to the second half now and fndskjg;nsdg he’s SO CUTE. So. Cute.

Same in My Kare. When his character Daisuke figures out that he’s in love with you, you can just feel how awkward he’s acting around you when you come back into the classroom after school. All the little hesitations and inflections that you hear just make it seem all the more real (for a drama cd anyway).

He’s so damn good at what he does. Mamo just puts his all into everything he does and it pays off. THAT’S what I love about him. His energy and passion. And let’s not forget his ever-infectious smile. <333333

Mamo’s Blog 9/20/2011 (about 10 minutes later)

With my face

This is so gooooooood~~~!!!! (゜ロ゜)

I’ll use my face to get every single drop from the bowl! (lol)

Ahhhh~ That was delicious. ☆

Thank you for the foooood! (^○^)

Mamo’s blog 9/20/2011

derp got distracted from Amnesia with this.

It’s funny

This blog. (lol)

つるとんたんてぃんとぅん♪ (t/n: lol Mamo idek) lunch! ☆

So amazingggggg~~!!!

This udon, it’s like hotpot! (゜ロ゜)☆