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how to get character voices to play on your utapri game (yes this one actually works)


so forever ago, i made this tutorial on how to get character voices to sort of work on jpcsp. i say “sort of” because it didn’t actually work and was way more trouble than it was worth.

after that, i’d sort of given up on playing psp games on my laptop in general (i think this was the time i bought pokemon conquest or something) and i sort of forgot all about it.

other people still saw it though, and have asked me questions on why it wasn’t working, what to do etc etc and i feel really bad that i can’t actually help.

so, i’ve decided to look into the whole “psp on your pc” thing again, and i’ve actually found a way to get it to work this time!

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how to get character voices to play on your utapri game (sort of)


since someone asked me how i got voices to work, i decided i might as well explain the whole thing

just a warning, the entire process is a huge pain in the ass (although maybe that was because no one gave me a step-by-step OTL), and the payoff isn’t exactly much, the voices lag and sometimes (most of the time) don’t play at all, but, if you are just as desparate as i was, then by all means read on.

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tsundrillon replied to your post: yesssss I just safely upgraded my PSP to 6.60 with CFW

Can I have the upgrade to 6.60?

Right here~

and here’s the instructions <3

How to Mod your PSP - Anna Edition


Huh maybe we can then… maybe it was just that mods weren’t out when we first got it, heh. Send it over and I’ll try messing with it then!

So this is the post my friend made (thanks Poxi-chuu~♥) but it basically boils down to the following:

  1. Update to ver 6.39! I don’t know if you can down-grade by instigating the update from your memory card, but if you were like me and at a lower version, then update.  (basically, drag the UPDATE folder from the download into your PSP->Game folder, go to your memory card on the PSP, then click ‘run update’ or whatever).
  2. Download this file. Read the “read me”, as it tells you which file to use in step 3!
  3. In your memory stick root file, go to the PSP->Game folder. Follow the “Read Me” to drag the “639 TN Xtended” folder with the EBOOT.PBP file.
  4. In the main PSP folder, create a folder called seplugins.
  5. Download this file. Put it in this seplugins folder.
  6. In the main PSP folder, create an ISO folder.
  7. DOWNLOAD ALL THE ISOS! Put them in that folder.

So when you start your PSP, do the following:

  1. In the game tab, go down to memory stick
  2. Go down and run the 6.39 TN-A Xtended
  3. It will restart your PSP
  4. In the game tab, back at the memory stick tab…
  5. Click the game you want to play!

Yeah. I don’t know if this is “boiled down” so much as rephrased from Danielle’s post with how I dealt with it. But yeah.

reblogging because this is a much simpler format to follow XDDD

and I still need to find a new RELIABLE CFW that’ll work with newer software versions…I’m just afraid of corrupting my save data in the process. ;AAAA;

askmasatohijirikawa-deactivated sent:

(I've been wanting to play the game, but I haven't a clue what the console is or where to even buy the game! ( ;´Д`))

I can help!! \o/ \o/ \o/

First, you need a PSP (or an emulator) XD 2000 series is preferred, since I don’t know about the custom firmware for the 3000 ones.

Follow the instructions here to get your custom firmware working~ <3

Then you can download the games here:


Sweet Serenade

Amazing Aria

and the guides are here:

As for buying it…they’re kind of expensive ;;;;;; but Play-Asia and Yes-Asia are good places to start. However, I’d wait until Repeat comes out instead of buying the original since it’s a remake with better CGs and the like. :D

Hope that helped!! And by the way I’m a huge fangirl of your ask blog fndjkdng <333333 /needs to ask more questions fufufu