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Mamoru Miyano

in Junon 9/2014

Title: Ittoki switch ☆
Artist: Miyano Mamoru, Terashima Takuma
Played: 1792 times


Mamo and Terashii receive a message from a fan asking about whether Terashii has an ‘Ittoki switch’ for when he’s voicing Otoya and if he does, how to activate it.

Excerpt from Miyano Mamoru’s RADIO Animelo Mix ~STARRING!~ #31

(Read more because it got too long ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ)

Mamo: Hmmm… Wow, we received a lot of mail addressed to Terashima-san!
Terashii: Really?
Mamo: Wow, that’s amazing!
Terashii: Thank you very much.
Mamo: Okay, so this one’s from Utan-san. “Since the voice of Otoya, Terashima-san, is coming as a guest, I’m really really excited—”
Terashii: I’m here! (1)
Mamo: (laughing) I don’t think that’s the right person.
Terashii: Wrong person, huh?

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Mamoru Miyano RADIO SMILE #12 (21st June 2014 25:30-26:00)

Translation - From Mamoru Miyano RADIO SMILE blog 23rd June 2014

EGOISTIC game, all of you playing!?

Mamoru Miyano RADIO SMILE operates as usual!

Stable warm and fluffy mails of course,
"passage," MV shooting’s inside story is also mentioned a little bit・・・
But many comments of live tour are received,
This week also, mainly introduced the comment messages of live tour~!

And, minna san, are you playing?


Dance along with the rhythm, and make the pose as required by the theme, this is the game.
After the program, Mamo also played itーー!!

The theme was・・・♪ Japanese giant salamander!

Here it is!
Japanese giant salamander・・・
Er, no this is Japanese giant Mamo!!
Ahー, sexy, how sexy!!XD

Next week, Daisuke Namikawa san will
Appear as the second guest of RADIO SMILE!!

☆ Questions to the guest Daisuke Namikawa san!Things you’d like him to do!
☆ Please listen to some very very stories! etc. etc.!

Please send messages to Namikawa san with might and main!!
Emails, letters and postcards received from all of you,
Every message every message, Mamo will read them~!!
The main character of this program is letters and emails from all of you listeners!

For letters and postcards, please send to
〒105-8002 文化放送「宮野真守のRADIO SMILE」

For emails, please send to

365 days, 24 hours,
Wait for messages from you~。
For the emails and postcards that you send,
Please be sure to clearly write your “address” and “name”~♪

Please get the Mamo’s RADIO SMILE special badge,
And show off to everyone~!


Translation - From Mamo blog 23rd June 2014

Title: Famous food!!!

Held yesterday,

「ちはやふるWeek inあわら市 声優トークショー」
"Chihayafuru Week in Awara City Seiyuu Talk Show"

Because of the first time to Fukui prefecture, was very very wakuwaku, I, Mamoru Miyano(*^_^*)


Since the next day, there is also pressed with work,

It has become quite a whirlwind tour(>_<)

Therefore, arrived Fukui, did the event, enjoyed to the fullest, the event ended,

When I noticed,

I was already in airport(^^;;(XD)

Didn’t eat famous Fukui food…a pity…(ー ー;)

Therefore, in the restaurant in Komatsu Airport,

In a hurry,

Famous food of Ishikawa prefecture, “Kanazawa curry” I had(^_^)v☆(XD)

Unexpectedly could have Ishikawa’s famous food, very very happy\(^o^)/☆

Even it was bustling(XD), it was a veery wonderful trip☆☆☆

But, I would like to go to Fukui againn~~~(>_<)☆

The next time, I would like to leisurely soak in onsen, eat many delicious foods of Fukui~~~☆

Since I will surely visit, again, minna sama,

Please wait(*^^*)




Translation - From Mamo blog 26th June 2014

Title: Shooting started!!!

Continuation of yesterday’s☆



The shooting of opening video…


Standing beside the window, Old Mamo……

Sorrow, in the air……(XD)

By the monitor, confirm how it came out!!!

Great!! Somehow like a movie(≧∇≦)

Old Mamo,

Put on the scope, experiment starts!!!(>_<)

Somewhat, suspicious laboratory equipment is placed in a row……(((;゚Д゚))))

Old Mamo, here, a suspiciously shining, red orb,
He will transmute……

Plop…!! Roll roll roll……

Waa!! That small hole on the floor, that red orb has fallen into it?(゚Д゚)

What should I do……

Then, the next moment…!!!

All of a sudden, there was light from the floor……!!!!!!



Wh-wh-wh-wh, what’s going on!!???!


To be continueddd!!!!!!!!!!!(XD)


Translation - From Mamo blog 28th June 2014

Title: Namikawa san!!!

Broadcast on today, my radio

(Mamoru Miyano RADIO SMILE)

In it,


That person will!!!



Daisuke Namikawa great senpai!!!!!!!!!☆☆☆

Namikawa san, in the past, we have done a radio program together,

During that time, we,

Have left several legends………(XD)

That, combination of two of us will,

Tonight, rebirthhhh!!????(XD)

I myself, really, enjoyed from the bottom of my heart…☆

Namikawa san, no matter what I say(XD)、embraces with gentle smile, is a veery wonderful senpai(*^_^*)

Such, friendly talk of us,


Don’t miss itttt\(^o^)/