Delicious Temptation


Translation of tweets from twitter of 加藤靖久さん Yasuhisa Kato san
(Actor of Oda Nobunaga in Nobunaga The fool stage performance)


(6th April 2014 9:01PM)
Stage performance Nobunaga The Fool act2
Lovers of Disarray, has ended!!!

Thank you for coming.
What do you think??

Mamoru Miyano san
I’ve held him like a princess!!!!!

You feel envious, right?


(6th April 2014 9:04PM)
And I’ve been held up♡

You feel envious, right?
Minna sama who are fans of Mamoru Miyano san,
I am sorry…

I, a very self-satisfied face wwwwww


(7th April 2014 12:31AM)
Double Nobunaga who have different colored hats.

Mamoru Miyano san and Yasuhisa Katou.
In July, we will also perform to the full!

This will be the last………
Zehi mo nashi!!!!!!!


(7th April 2014 9:00AM)
Just now.
Read the visual book.

The talk with Mamoru Miyano san.
It was a very stimulating time.
Concentrated so much on talking
It was the first time.
I would like to talk again for the next work.
In order to make the work more interesting.

A behind the scene shot in such talk.

*1 乱の恋人 (Lovers of Disarray) - This is the title of performance. It seems that there is no official English name, this name is only for your understanding.

*2 是非もなし (Zehi mo nashi) - The last words of Oda Nobunaga. I used to translate it to “There is no right or wrong”, but here I feel that Katou san just wanted to say the famous line of Nobunaga, so I used the Romaji instead.