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8th Seiyuu Awards - March 1, 2014

Kaji Yuki & Miyano Mamoru’s overflowing unbearable aura towards the 2 announcers!

Lady: Being able to see the both of you, left me in awe, it’s unbearable.

Miyano Mamoru: Does it seem that we both bestow this type of unbearable aura?

Man: It’s true.

Miyano Mamoru: Oh really? (bows for thanks)

Lady: It’s overflowing a lot (aura), so I’m holding back a bit.

Miyano Mamoru: Please continue to look at us.

Kaji Yuki: That was pretty commanding.


魔界戦記ディスガイア5 (Makai Senki Disgaea 5)

Release: 26th March 2015

PS4 !

Kiria: CV. Mamoru Miyano
Seraphine: CV. 
Sarah Emi Bridcutt
Usaria: Satomi Akesaka

Trailer Video (Narration by Mamoru Miyano)

Theme song “Kill Real” by Kiria (CV. Mamoru Miyano)

(source: nicolive on 19th Sep 2014)

*More info is released, sorry I can only get some, please check game news sites for more details (^_^)


Translation - Mamo blog 10th September 2014

Title: Farmers Market

Though it’s after some time,

Still more, the happenings in Los Angeles,

I would like to introduce(*^_^*)

Today is here!

Famous of cheap price and freshness, a simple market

"Farmers Market"

Shops selling perishable food like fruit store and so on,

Stalls selling from hamburger to sushi, Mexican food, ice cream and so on,

Accessory shops, souvenir shops and so on,

It is a big market that around 200 shops are standing side by side☆

Ate sushi, the quality was very very high, it was delicious(*^o^*)

This is, connecting the neighboring shopping mall “The Grove”,

A free trolley

Had a ride(XD)

Since it was a commemoration☆

Able to move while seeing the streets leisurely,

A wonderful trolley♪

With the female, on the billboard of a shop I saw while taking the trolley…

Did the same pose(XD)

Since it was a commemoration☆

Look carefully, and found the pose was slightly wrong though(XD)

After a while,

Since thirsty,

"Let’s go to Starbucks in LA♪"

Then, with merry tension, all of us went to Starbucks☆

Starbucks in LA, not by receipt number,

But at the counter, ask the name of the person!

And, when the drink is done, the name will be called.

When I made the order, the manager appeared as a timely help, at once in a native pronunciation,


The person said.

So, when the drink is done, the staff member called that name, but

Somehow, subtly did not sound like “MAMORU”…

But, since there were no Japanese customers around,

As expected it was me, I thought, and went to take the drink……

On the cup, “MAMOROU” it was written(XD)

It must be “MAMORU” in a too good pronunciation sounded like “MAaMORUoU”(XD)

When I saw this, I laughed(≧∇≦)

And more, when other members said their names, “Already, that’s enough!” it seemed they were told…

Somehow, it seemed that saying the representative’s name was good enough…

As a result, everyone became “MAaMORUoU”(XD)


Translation - Mamo blog 29th August 2014

Title: Wandering LA streets

Today also, let’s go!

Los Angeles streets wandering story(*^_^*)(XD)

The first to introduce is,

"Third Street Promenade"

It is a promenade located at the center of Santa Monica,

Here, there are stylish restaurants, and cinemas, popular shops,

And more, there is also the newest shopping mall♪

It is also a mecca of street performers, is a very very fun place!!

There was a lady who has a veery beautiful singing voice♪

On this “Third Street Promenade”, the looking-cool photos firstly posted on the blog, were taken there(XD)

Having Kihara san, holding the camera,

Let’s take ‘feel like LA’ photos! I said(XD)

Like this(XD)

Like this(XD)

What do you think? Feel like LA?and so on(XD)

It’s good, feel like LA! Saying such comment(XD)

Then, the next,

A shopping mall surrounded by high-class residential area like Beverly Hills etc.,

"Westfield Century City" we have moved to,

All of us had lunch together☆

"The Counter"

A hamburger shop, we went to(^_^)v

It was very very volumey!


Mamo chan surprised?(゚Д゚)(XD)


Stirringly bit into it!!(XD)

It was veeeeery delicious,

Perfectly finished eating it☆\(^o^)/☆

Now now,

Today stops at here♪


Los Angeles streets wandering story,

Will still continue…(XD)


Miyano Mamoru - Cool Voice 11


Cool Voice Vol.11
Release: 22nd August 2014
(Price: JPY1400+tax)

Cover (image1) & Headline (total 10 Pages!):
Mamoru Miyano
(Nobunaga Concerto)

Yuki Kaji & KENN
(Ao Haru Ride)

Tsubasa Yonaga & Takuya Eguchi

Ryota Ohsaka & Nobunaga Shimazaki & Natsuki Hanae
(Ace of Diamond)

Nobuhiko Okamoto & Yuki Ono
(Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki kun)

Testuya Kakihara & Tomoaki Maeno & Toshiki Masuda
(Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live)

Daisuke Ono
(New Initial D the Movie Legend 1: Awakening)

Hiroaki Hirata & KENN
(Space Brothers #0)

(9th single)

(LOVE STAGE!!OP artist)

Voice Feature best collection
Takashi Oohara
Nobunaga Shimazaki
Jun Fukushima

Bonus (image2): 
A3 Poster (Mamoru Miyano / Yuki Kaji & KENN / Tsubasa Yonaga & Takuya Eguchi / Tetsuya Kakihara / Tomoaki Maeno / Toshiki Masuda)


I love how this hot swimmer 


shares the same voice actor with this mofo


and that Miyano Mamoru can go from this


to this