Delicious Temptation
Can someone help me out?



Since I’m still kind of a noob, can someone tell me how I put downloaded PSP games on to my PSP :S? And are there any good sites to get games from?

Guess I’ll post this here

First, update to 6.39:

Put EBOOT.PBP in the UPDATE folder on the root of the PSP memory card (if there isn’t an UPDATE folder, make one). You can run this by going to Game > Memory Stick

Download this (the HEN) and this (what allows you to play ISOs). Drag the PSP folder from the 6.39 TN-A (HEN) fix rar into the root of the memory card. Unrar the 639 TN Xtended… rar from the second link. Again, drag the PSP folder from that rar into the root of the PSP memory card. Now make a seplugins folder on the root. Download this and put it in that folder. If you want to play ISOs, make an ISO folder on the root and put your ISOs in there. Here’s a site with Japanese ISOs (including otome games). EDIT: Actually, you might just need to run the Xtended version. If running the Xtended version doesn’t work for you, run the first HEN before.

When you start your PSP, you want to run TN Homebrew Enabler from the Memory Stick. Then you run 6.39 TN - A Xtended if you want to play ISOs. Your ISOs will be under the Memory Stick. I hope that makes sense!