Delicious Temptation
Just kind of reminiscing

One of my favorite RP muses. :’D Though I don’t normally RP boys (Poland is the only other one) he’s definitely one of my favorites. Maybe because I can fangirl over Leon and still be completely in character while doing so. But in any case, I love him because he’s completely derptastic and really extreme with his emotions if he’s around the right people (otherwise he’s rather stiff). My headcanon says he’s a complete snarkface on the inside too.

Also, I will never ever see Hideo Ishikawa as anyone but this guy right here. :’)

Sometimes I play Chal as human and other times I play him as a sword. It’s really fun as both, tbh, though I think I prefer human simply because I can do more with him (and freaking out whoever my Leon might be atm is a bonus). The perfect RP was soul_campaign (Soul Eater RP community) at livejournal since I could play him as BOTH but unfortunately I wasn’t able to keep up (I had him at gargleblasted and ad_libitum at the same time). Once school’s out and all I have to worry about is work and chores, maybe I’ll pick him up again…

But this is my favorite thread by FAR. I didn’t expect it to explode the way it did but god, I’m so happy that it did. :’D

I dunno, I guess I just wanted an excuse to post a picture of him.