Delicious Temptation
Kurobasplus Situations: With Midorimacchi~


You: “My sign on today’s Ohaasa Horoscope is placed last!”

Midorima: “Here, I’ll give you this necklace.  It’s today’s luckky item.”

You: “Eh? This is the necklace that I wanted from before…”

Midorima: “I just happened to be carrying it today!  It’s not like I’m even thinking about how embarrassing it was for a guy to go into an accessory store alone. Not one bit!”

He says as he digs and digs a hole in the ground. 

Oh Midorin baby!! LET ME GIVE YOU A HUG BOY!!

oh jesus he’s so tsundere he’s starting to worm his way up my list dnsajlbdjsklbdsjkldbasj