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Shiki CG memorial translations

Under a cut because spoilers, though idk when the grace period’s over anymore, tbh…I guess after another week I’ll go back and take out the cuts for translations, since it’ll have been about a month since the game’s come out. \o/

"Mmm…it’s you…how long have you been here? When I wake up and you’re here I’m happy. But…I’m still tired…let’s take an afternoon nap together."

"When you’re wrapped in the cherry-blossom petals…you look so beautiful. The fluttering petals and you smiling…When the cherry blossoms bloom, let’s take a nap under the tree."

"Fuuuuuu~ Fuuuuu~ Eating the sweet potatoes was fun. It’s hot but it’s sweet too so it’s delicious. This time let’s call everyone else too so we can all eat them. I’ll grill your sweet potato too."

"Was this year fun? I…had fun. I had a lot of fun. Spending time seeing your sparkling smile and watching the sparkling stars…the year ended and a new one is beginning. I want to have (more) fun with you."

"The constellations that follow summer is autumn. The seasons slowly pass by. It’s okay, don’t be afraid. Let’s move forward into the next season."

"When I kiss you, you quickly turn red. It’s a little funny. But that’s not all; you’re really cute. That’s why…I want to kiss you over and over.”

"You looked so, so beautiful as a bride…if I said I wanted to see you like that again, would you do it? If I could see you as a bride like that again, I’d have as many wedding ceremonies as I could."

"When you’re here, time flies by. I’m sure it’s because it’s so much fun. When fun times end, it’s sad. I completely understand your feelings during those times. The fun times all end eventually. But, it’s okay. The fun things always bring more fun things to us. That’s why you should face away from what’s behind us and walk forward…together with me."

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