Delicious Temptation
Death Connection: Let’s go drinking



Okay so amidst the sadness of last night there was a boy’s night out.

Joshua who had been shot had healed from his injuries and so everyone except Amelia and Leo took him out drinking.

This happens.

Gloria: Joshua have you ever dated anyone?

Joshua: No, I have no interest in other woman besides Amelia.

Luciano: Seriously? You really are a priest.

Joshua: What about all of you?

Vicious: Um well…..that…ya know…yeah….

Luciano: I date whoever catches my eye at the time.

Gloria: I always treasure every “meeting” I have.

Medicis: I follow whatever my feelings at the time are.

Joshua: How…how can you do that? You should devote yourself to one woman!

Joshua continues to say how horrible they are till Gloria puts this out.

Gloria: Alright let’s settle this with a little bet. A drinking contest. If I win I get Amelia. If you win all of us will cease our flirting with her.

Joshua: You’re on.

Vicious and Luciano: No way Gloria will lose. You sure you want to try?

5 bottles of vodka later.

Bartender: Hey, son, are you okay? 

Joshua: I’m fine. Another. Kanpai. *drinks*

Gloria: Ngh…k…kanp….*falls over dead drunk.

Nicole: *Who arrived late after the bet was made* Ah!

Vicious: What….what is he?

Luciano: I can’t believe it.

Joshua: Anyone else want to try me? 

Luciano and Vicious:….uh…..

Joshua: Alright, deals a deal you all have to stay away from Amelia.

Nicole: What? I…but I’m really a woman! I didn’t agree to this!

Joshua: Too bad a bets a bet.

Nicole: No!! GLORIA GET UP!

Gloria: Ngh…geh *passes out again*

The following morning everyone save Medicis are totally hung over. Gloria and Vicious sound like death warmed over and Luciano is perky sounding but obviously worn out and Nicole has somehow dragged herself to the breakfast table. Then comes in Joshua who’s all alive and perky and really hungry.

These boys are so precious!

Reblogging again cause some of my otome girls are up and…well you should see this cause it’s funny.