Delicious Temptation
About Me

Figured it was time to have one.

Name: Danielle
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Location: Cali (GMT -8)
Request email:
Birthday: 06-17-1991 (Gemini)
Nationality: Mexican-American
Hobbies: videogames (RPG and Otoge), writing, reading, listening to drama cds (would that count as “other”?), translating, RPing
Current seiyuu biases: Mamoru Miyano, Hikaru Midorikawa, Kishow Taniyama, Satoshi Hino, Tetsuya Kakihara, Kenichi Suzumura, Yuuki Kaji


Uta no☆Prince Sama♪
[other otome games here]
Kuroko no Basuke
Tales of Destiny
[insert other Tales of games here]
Harvest Moon
Fire Emblem

Currently going into my 4th year of college, going for English Major (Linguistics track) with a minor in Japanese. However, if there was a Japanese Major at my school, I’d go for it. ;A;

I do have a job, one in the fast food industry, and be warned that I’ll make posts complaining about it from time to time. I kind of have this like-hate relationship with it, because my co-workers are cool but the number of rude customers seem to increase with each day I work. >_>;;

I’ve been studying Japanese for a little over 2 years now and I’m still far from fluent. I began teaching myself hiragana and katakana in high school because lol I paid $80 for Tales of Destiny Director’s Cut (my eternal bias) and by god I was going to at least recognize town names. Now, I can usually get the gist of what’s going on but I’m still nowhere near fluent (or confident). I like to translate what I can though.

I also write fanfiction on occasion, which can be found here and here. Just please don’t read my Yu Yu Hakusho fics on; I wrote those in middle school and keep them for nostalgia purposes.

And since I keep getting questions about the music on my blog…in this order, the music is as follows:

(anime) Piano version of Orpheus
(official) Piano version of 騎士のKissは雪よりやさしく
(official) Piano version of BLUExPRISM HEART
(official) Piano version of BELIEVE☆MY VOICE
(official) Piano version of 星屑☆Shall We Dance
(anime) Piano track from Maji Love 1000% OST 

Official piano versions can be found in the “Ryuuya-sensei’s lesson/Official Piano Score” CDs and the anime piano tracks came from the Maji Love 1000% DVD/BD bonus discs. ;D