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Origins of Satsuki



Thought I should make a stand alone post for this too. 8D;;; The anime hinted at this in the flashbacks but I doubt they’re going to go into detail with how Satsuki came to exist.

When Natsuki was little he used to play the violin (like Syo) instead of the viola like he does now. The reason for this is because his violin teacher, whom he loved very deeply, betrayed him. You remember how Satsuki is very gifted in composing…well, that’s how Natsuki used to be. Natsuki composed a song for for her but she ended up stealing it and passing it off as her own in order to skyrocket herself into popularity. She promptly abandoned him after that. While Natsuki didn’t hold any kind of grudge against her, he didn’t tell his feelings about it to anyone and instead held all the pain and negativity inside, creating Satsuki. “Satsuki” (砂月) is actually the name of the song she stole. It was named from the full moon and white sands he often looked at while he was living abroad (he lived in France for 5 years iirc)

砂月 = Satsuki

砂 = sand

月 = moon

In the game Satsuki tells you that whenever Natsuki takes off his glasses, “his vision blurs and his heart becomes unstable, summoning Satsuki out” (I didn’t catch that part actually and had to get it from here

Satsuki actually hated Haruka at first because she reminded him a lot of Natsuki’s violin teacher…he’s really really protective of Natsuki. :’(

Hope you don’t mind me reblogging Danielle. I just want a lot of our newbie fans to see this because it makes more sense to watch Episode 6 and know this.

I also realized that right here

Satsuki gets those flashbacks and then gets angry while looking at Haruka which is a throwback to the game when Satsuki tells Haruka that at first she reminded him of that Teacher that betrayed Natsuki as stated above.

I love how the episode showed a lot more than you first realize.

I also love everything about Natsuki and just wanna blab about him. Pardon me.

/crawls into my corner full of Natsuki stuff and swoons alone.

Of course I don’t mind~! But you’re right, it DOES tell a lot more than at first glance, especially if you already know/have an idea of what happened.

Even with all of its flaws, I love this anime so much nnnnnnnnnnnnnngh <33333333333333333333333

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