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Finally >:T
I am a proud Demisexual! And I always have a hard time explaining it to other people, let alone myself some times? But this makes it really easy ^^ please reblog and share this.

This is neat; I like it.


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Translation - From Mamo blog 26th June 2014

Title: Shooting started!!!

Continuation of yesterday’s☆



The shooting of opening video…


Standing beside the window, Old Mamo……

Sorrow, in the air……(XD)

By the monitor, confirm how it came out!!!

Great!! Somehow like a movie(≧∇≦)

Old Mamo,

Put on the scope, experiment starts!!!(>_<)

Somewhat, suspicious laboratory equipment is placed in a row……(((;゚Д゚))))

Old Mamo, here, a suspiciously shining, red orb,
He will transmute……

Plop…!! Roll roll roll……

Waa!! That small hole on the floor, that red orb has fallen into it?(゚Д゚)

What should I do……

Then, the next moment…!!!

All of a sudden, there was light from the floor……!!!!!!



Wh-wh-wh-wh, what’s going on!!???!


To be continueddd!!!!!!!!!!!(XD)



talking to people about my obsessions pretending im just a casual fan

#conceal don’t feel

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When it comes to objectification, this is a great example of why comparing male strip clubs to Hooters is a “false equivalent.”

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Mini trivia for Otsubo


You will be surprised by his special skills.

  1. Despite his serious looking, he had this soft side too. He could knit VERY well. He said he did it for his home economy class but what he just knit was a 6’3” (195 cm) scarf in a class! He said he got a bit carried away (I DON’T CALL THAT CARRIED AWAY) and it wasn’t really one of his hobbies but then Midorima looked into his bag and found a red wool sweater, a handbag, a hat, a haramaki (it’s like a stomach coverer to keep it warm, try search it on google), a lap blanket, a coaster, a stuffed animal, mittens, and something that looked like a scrub brush. Yeah, totally not his hobby. (Later in the game he finally admits that it’s his hobby and he’s very proud of it too).
  2. Offers to teach Furihata and Koganei knitting in the game. Both of them were marvelled and called Otsubo REAL MAN for not hiding his hobby. REAL MAN OTSUBO
  3. He was kind enough to give his almost 2 meters scarf to Midorima for his lucky item. 
  4. He was a fan of Mamirin which from an idol girl group. Whoa Otsubo.
  5. Aside from his serious looking on court, he was quite friendly off court. In the game, he said to Takao that he couldn’t make a selfish request to anyone, even Midorima. 
  6. He planned to invite everyone in Shutoku team for a day out to do something fun together that doesn’t involve basketball after Winter Cup. He said that he want to team to be tied together more than just a simple sport team. This surprised Takao A LOT. He invited Midorima and Takao to a concert of the girl group he likes (see above XD). 
  7. The reason that he gave to Takao that he didn’t do anything together with Takao or Midorima a lot because he felt that Takao and Midorima was very good and perhaps too good. 
  8. Planned to lend all of his favourite girl group CDs to Takao and Midorima so that they could go and watch the concert together. And he also wants to introduce each member to Takao. Damn, he’s a hardcore fan.
  9. Has a cute yarn keychain he knitted it himself on his phone. It looked like this. imageKoganei and Furihata thought it was Momoi’s phone at first.
  10. Cared a LOT about his team if you can’t pick that up from the previous points above. He told Midorima to not do his extra practice in the game when HE himself just continue to practice. 

Conclusion: Otsubo is THE MAN of Shutoku

Mini Trivia for Aomine


Because I still can’t get my head into finishing my fic. 

  1. He was also an only child of the family (so many characters in KNB with no siblings). It never stated who he live with but I assumed that he still live with his parents.
  2. Aomine is afraid of bees. He’s been stung by one when he was little. He also used to put a frog on Momoi’s head which made her cry and make her hates frog ever since then. (What the hell Ahomine!!!)
  3. He hates vegetables and often get scolded for not eating it. Especially goya because he hates bitter stuff.
  4. He likes to collect basketball shoes and never use it. He’s actually very good at choosing basketball accessories since he helped Kuroko picking his own shoes. He’s a walking encyclopedia on basketball shoes.
  5. Despite being bad at studying like Kagami, his best subject is Japanese History according to Fujimaki-sensei (he said if he had to pick one). His English is terrible. VERY VERY TERRIBLE.
  6. He liked to play in the mountains when he was little and collect cicadas and crayfish. He said in one of the drama cds that he graduated at cicadas and crayfish hahaha.
  7. He seemed to like Nigou from all the drama cds and official arts. 
  8. Fujimaki said that Aomine was the character that he felt so emotionally connected with the most. Although he often complained how Aomine’s dark skin made him use a lot of screentones that it made his manuscript so thick haha
  9. Apparently he wrote everything in Katakana. Lazy much Aomine.
  10. His teammates have to lock him up so that he could finish his school assignment so they could go to tournament. Just like Kagami.

Mini Trivia for Kise


This guy would be the death of me.

  1. Kise is the oldest of all the GoM + Kagami. I would refer to my meta here for all the people age (please also note that the year is not accurate as I had no idea what year KNB took place and it was never stated in the manga).
  2. He spend his free time singing Karaoke. He’s actually very good at Dance Dance Revolution because he used his copy skill to copy the movements in the novel. What a dork. Also, his specialties is…tasting mineral water. Is that even a legit skill?
  3. Kise hates….earthworms. There was one time in the novel he was having a spaghetti and Aomine said “the spaghetti looks like earthworm” which caused him to loose all of his appetite. (He was bullied by Aomine a lot when they were in Teiko)
  4. Fujimaki-sensei revealed that the reason Kise pieced only one ear was because the pain surprised him that he was too scared to get the second one. (Kise I got two without numbing creme….)
  5. He said he couldn’t eat eel (Unagi) because the bone got stuck in his throat. 
  6. The magazine that he was often featured in is called Zunon Boy which is a parody of a lifestyle and fashion magazine called Junon Boy. He was once featured in an article called “Ideal Boyfriend” haha.
  7. He had two older sisters. One of them was the one that got him into model job. 
  8. Fujimaki said that he, too, was bad at studying. However if he had to choose, English is his best subject. Probably better than Kagami in terms of grammar. How did these dorks get past middle school?! (Akashi how did you deal with all of them?) There was one chapter in novel where Aomine and Kise borrowed Momoi’s notes so that they could photocopy it for studying. All these dorks….
  9. Tried to call Kasamatsucchi and got kicked.
  10. Tried to coach Kasamatsu and Moriyama to being good with girls and fail many times. Kaijo is hopeless with girls….

Mini Trivia for Midorima


You guys want Midorima so here he is!

  1. Midorima has a little sister. There was one time in the Drama CD where he wanted to get a lucky item which was in the crane game. He couldn’t get the one he wanted so he went to the arcade keeper and ask for the exchange with this trick: “I told them that my younger sister really wants one of these, but she’s leaving to study abroad in America, and we won’t be able to see each other for several years. So before she leaves, I want to give her one as a present, no matter what”. Good one Midorima.
  2. He could play piano! He loves listening to classical music. Very classy~ He also likes to play shogi and chess. Akashi plays with him (and Midorima never wins)
  3. He’s very rich. Like VERY. He spend 50,000 yen on a lucky item meant for Takao (MidoTaka fans please rejoice he just spend almost $500 for Takao and it only works for one day). By the way, he also gave lucky item to Takao on some occasion in DS game too.
  4. He hates cats (like how Kagami hates dogs lol) because he got scratched by them once. Someone put a cat in Shutoku team please I wanna see his reaction.
  5. He was born on 7th of July (7) and he’s a Cancer. 777. That kinda explained his obsession with luck. Someone please drag him to casino.
  6. At first, Fujikami planned for his first name to be Ryouhei instead of Shintarou. (Funny because Kise’s VA name is Kimura Ryouhei haha).
  7. He’s VERY VERY bad at cooking. There is a special drama CD for the Okonomiyaki scene in season one. He had this very LONG speech about how to cook a perfect Okonomiyaki and messed everything up. Kuroko and Kise were very amused by it before Kagami fixed everything up. (Both Kise and Kuroko also messed up their Okonomiyaki. Without Kagami I don’t think they could eat in that ep haha). 
  8. Apparently he’s very good at some festival games and arcade games. He often went to festivals and played games at the stalls to collect lucky items. Very very good at scooping fish with that paper spoon (I couldn’t even get one ;__;)
  9. In the character bible, he said he get along well with Akashi the most. BUT Kuroko, Aomine, Kise AND Kagami (which was like 4 out of 6 people in the interview) said they couldn’t get along with Midorima. (oh Midorima poor you XD). 
  10. His eyesight is VERY VERY BAD. There was one time in the game when Akashi was talking to him at the pool (he took off his glass) and Midorima replied, he was turning his head to Kise’s direction because he thought Kise is Akashi (ARE YOU COLOUR BLIND?!?!?!). Kise went “Midorimacchi why are you talking to me?”. Akashi said that he was worried about Midorima since he walk around without glasses. Never take off your glasses Midorima.

Okayyyy Momoi next :)