Delicious Temptation

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hello yes I would like to see more friendship between these two thank

Anonymous sent:

Hi! Which file definition do you usually download? I downloaded the Kamigami no Asobi anime in 480p(my usual preference) but I noticed it was really blur. Downloaded the 720p version and it's MUCH SHARPER AND CLEARER AND THE COLORS ARE MORE VIBRANT. I download 480p because of the smaller file size I guess. I went back to check Free! etc and yeahhh it isn't really sharp... Aww man does that mean I gotta redownload my other animes because I made a dumb mistake D:<

I stopped downloading the 480p once I got a laptop/external harddrive… 8D;;;; so yeah, I’m sorry anon, but I’d recommend redownloading the 720p for sure.

kumairai sent:

Hey there Danielle! I was /thinking/ about buying something from animate and using the proxy service you use. Emphasis on the thinking part, hahaha! I just had a question I wanted to ask, about calculating the commission. If something was 4600 yen (random number) would you round that up or down? I just wanted to pre-calculate before I made up my mind. I hope im not bothering uwu

Baggage Forward’s commission is something completely different and I’m still not sure about theirs but I think it’s 500 yen up to 5000JPY and after. that it’s 10% of the price. Mine however, rounds down! /o/ so it’s like

100-999 yen=no commission
1000-1999 yen=100 yen commission
2000-2999 yen=200 yen commission
3000-3999 yen=300 yen commission
4000-4999 yen=400 yen commission

and so on! I’ve debated making mine just a regular 10% too but it’s expensive enough already…;;;;;;;;; But I hope it helps!

Anonymous sent:

Ren's situation is kinda confusing me. I watched the utapri anime prior so the anime ver is clearer in my head. I picked up Ren's Repeat route around Oct, so I forgot what he said about his situation. Just that his mum died after giving birth to him, Jouji is his mum's cousin and Ren and his dad both doubt Ren is his true son. Now Seiichiro is saying 私たちの母は元アイドル。 TACHI? In the anime Ren is depicted as an illegitimate child. His dad had an affair with Renge so... How's the game ver like?

Ahhh, the whole illegitimate child thing is something completely fabricated in the mind of his stupid father which led to Ren picking up on it and eventually believing in it too since for him it would explain how poorly his father treated him in comparison to his brothers. George tells Haruka at one point (I’d have to double check since it’s been forever since I’ve played Ren’s Repeat route) that the only people who actually believe that lie ARE Ren and his father, meaning Seiichirou and George both know it’s bullshit but are exasperated that Ren still thinks that way. I believe that Seiichirou sets the record straight after the graduation audition. I don’t remember anything about Ren’s FATHER having affairs though…though like I said, I’d definitely need to replay the route in order to double check on that particular fact.

I hope that helps anon! QAQ