Delicious Temptation


do you ever see a photo of your bias and you’re just struck by how much you like him and how much you want him to be happy and how much his smile can make the world seem brighter and how greasy and cheesy your heart feels because he makes you feel stuff that doesnt seem logical but it is because you cant help thinking he’s the most beautiful boy in the whole world 

by the way guess who bought Thor 2 today and was an idiot and didn’t realize that the deluxe edition was for Blu-Ray/3D BLU-RAY and not Blu-Ray/DVD until AFTER ripping off the packaging and looking at the discs?

selling the 3D version for $15-$20 which still comes with a bunch of extra footage and stuff if anyone wants it dsnakjdsabdjksa

/lays on the floor over Konoha

Love & Ego


I finally understand the main part of Outer Science’s chorus.

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