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I had to send an ask of my own. That seriously pissed me off as an artist on principle.


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I wish tumblr would do something :S But man especially with R18 artwork, I’ve seen artists delete their profile because their R18 stuff was shared and they were embarrassed..

THAT’S WHAT I’M AFRAID OF HOLY SHIT like I said I recognized some of the artists when they posted (in public for notes) in the tag and I’m terrified that some of them will do just that ndasjkdbasjk I love their art so much and I’m livid that I can’t just go in and delete this asshole’s blog myself.

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gross, that mentality is so gross. gross person. gross. ‘Too much work to source every single one because i batch upload’ Gross Gross Gross.

she is so fucking gross I felt sick having to literally explain everything like to a toddler “listen here stealing is bad” “no fuck you” “LISTEN HERE YOU LITTLE SHIT” I just auuughdsajndsakjbfasjkdbsajk maybe if enough people reported her tumblr would do something

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Anonymous  asked
could you source your stolen gifs and all the art you post thanks...if you can put "kitty's paw picked hentai" on hundreds of posts it shouldn't be too hard


Listen here, I’m tired of these asks and I’m gonna assume it’s one tiny bunch of anons constantly bombarding me with it. I don’t appreciate the passive aggressive last line there. Let me educate you on how this god damn blog works.

  I don’t have time to look at hentai all day everyday, I spend like 10 minutes on Tumblr a day at most.

I don’t upload all the pictures one by one so NO I don’t put ”kitty’s paw picked hentai” on every single post myself. I batch upload them from my computer to a website which loads them all into my queue with 1 set of tags and captions.

 And besides it’s not like I don’t source anyone at all. I don’t even need to source any at all, it’s too easy for you to reverse image search one picture if you want to know where it’s from whereas it would take me forever to do it for 70+ images a day. All YOU have to do is go to images.google.com and click the camera button. 

 If you want to see posts with sources go follow nsfwsenpai and anyone like him who has the free time that I don’t. 

And now you know and hopefully none of you anons that said shit like that don’t bother other blogs about it too cause they’ll just give you the same answer. Have a good day and happy fapping!

#fuck you #piss off #educate yourself 






on how being a fucking goddamn decent human being works

listen here, I think you’ve misunderstood something very important. it’s not OUR responsibility to look things up and source for ourselves, that’s up to YOU. Whether you spend ten minutes or ten hours on tumblr makes absolutely SHIT of a difference, you still have to source your fucking art. 

It’s not yours. I’m assuming you learned not to take what’s not yours growing up or did you miss that part of preschool? Doesn’t matter if you take it from a fucking gallery, IT’S STILL STOLEN ART. IT’S TAKEN WITHOUT THE PERMISSION OF THE ARTIST WHO SPENT HOURS WORKING ON IT. They did not spend that time for you to take their work and post it where they can’t see it and have no control over it.

Don’t talk to me about having no free time, I work two jobs and go to school full time and I STILL have the presence of mind not to post shit that’s not mine AND time to make sure the art I REBLOG is from tumblr artists since I know a lot of pixiv art is stolen even if it’s credited (but that’s another problem entirely that I doubt you’d be willing to listen to considering you think THIS is too much of a hassle). If it’s too much for you to make a little extra clicks to source your shit properly then fucking delete your blog and do something else with your life though I don’t know what considering there’s not a lot someone as fucking lazy as that can do. It’s a few CLICKS to make sure you’re giving even the minimal amount of respect to the people who give you shit to fucking fap to in the first place.

You think it’s just a little amount of anons heckling you over something insignificant? How far does your head have to be up your ass to be so ignorant?? The world may never know.




I just…. there is so much wrong with this like THIS IS A SONG FOR PLUS SIZED POSITIVITY IN A WORLD WHERE THERE BASICALLY IS NONE and thin people STILL have to make it all about them and their feelings while girls are literally KILLING THEMSELVES out here to fit into a standard of beauty that should be considered arbitrary. 

I just. I need to sit down a moment I am literally so mad. 

It doesn’t even fucking bash skinny girls.

The lyrics CLEARLY SAY “Go ahead and tell them skinny bitches that-
No I’m just playing. I know you think you’re fat
But I’m here to tell ya
Every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top”

THIS SONG IS ABOUT SPREADING BODY IMAGE POSITIVITY AND IS NOT ABOUT HATING ON FUCKING SKINNY GIRLS. All you haters of the song need to fucking educate yourselves and read the god damn lyrics.

Large girls get ONE SONG dedicated to them and all of the sudden there’s this lash out by the skinny side of the population. Larger Woman hear fat bitches ALL THE TIME and they accept it while someone says Skinny bitches once in a song and doesnt even mean it and just- I’m making no more sense now I’m just pissed

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GNSK Fanbook - Vol. 4 Limited Edition Covers, and Bonus Mikorin

I saw scans of this cover floating around, but I guess this way you can see a textless version of the front cover, plus some of Tsubaki-sensei’s comments.


fucking thank you

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The Chinese translation is a little more clear about the last panels, basically Hori is saying something like, "Yo, Nozaki. You know about how you said how a scared kouhai is endearing? They’re even cuter when they’re completely terrified.”

…I saw what you really want to do Hori-chan senpai


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your sheep looks concerned

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